Hello, dear friend! I’m happy to welcome you to my site, dedicated to the automotive culture. I’d like to say a few words about myself, so that you could know me better. 

My name is Olga Vnukovskaya, I’m Russian and I live between Russia and Italy. I was born into a family of artists. My parents were restorers. I grew up in an atmosphere where art was in the air. Our house wasn’t big, so the pictures, which were waiting for restoration, were situated everywhere, even in my room. I learned lessons and told them to the people drowned in the pictures. This was my world..

When I was 9, my father started to teach me wood carving. In middle school, I began to learn the restoration. And when I was 20, the customers started to bring me separate orders. 

After graduating from university, I worked as a graphic designer. But my heart was linked forever to traditional art. I always liked to draw vehicles: planes, cars, boats… And I read a lot about them to understand them better. I could read a book about technical maintenance like a fairy tale, and this was the best reading to me. My bookshelves now are full of books, dedicated to legendary models of cars, their creators, impressive races and famous drivers. 

One day, I decided to join together two passions that make my life full: art and cars. I decided to draw car posters. I feel really happy when I'm drawing beautiful vehicles. I know that there are plenty of people whose hearts beat stronger when they see a rare car on the streets. I’m sure that the pictures of unique cars can enhance any interior, as far as the cars themselves, they are the real art. 

I'm happy to answer your questions by email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. On the Contact page, you can see my direct contacts. We might have a time difference, so I may answer when I wake up :) 

Thank you, again, and I wish you a pleasant day! 

Artist Olga Vnukovskaya



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